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Laura L. Fine

Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapist

Healing Body Mind Trauma


Meet Laura

Your body, mind, and emotions are inextricably woven into your spirit.

Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy is a cutting-edge system that takes you to the core of issues quickly and authentically, unwinding limiting deep-seated subconscious patterns.


Once you've gained awareness it's easy to break painful self-sabotaging behavior patterns, realize your confident, healthy, authentic self and claim your life!

Real change is not quick fix. Healing transformation is especially effective when we have exceptional, individual and group support.

Join Laura and her group in the

 Healing Consciousness Monthly Membership.

My Specializations

Body/Mind Trauma Recovery

Couples Counseling

Tracking Energy of the Chakras for Holistic Healing

Business Professionals in Demanding Positions

Life-Threatening Health Crises

Consultant for Therapists, Coaches & Healers

Loss & Transitions


Inspirational Speaker

Life Coaching

What Clients Say

My coaching has changed forever! Working with Laura Fine gave me the confidence to help clients move from sick to successful in a shorter period of time.


I was frustrated by the lack of client compliance and ready to give up one-on-one coaching. I felt like I cared more about my client's healing then they did.


I knew intuitively that they were stuck in an energy holding pattern (emotional/trauma/physical) and I was stuck. I didn't have the skills to help them release and integrate. That all changed. 

Jane Guyette, Functional Nutrition Coach, BhumiHealth, Inc.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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