My Story

I’ve been working in the field of Energy Healing for over 30 years.

The first time I received a professional Energy Healing session was with Ken, a Polarity Energy Therapist. I was shocked and thrilled to feel these strange electrical sensations of energy coursing through my body.

In that session, my heart opened, my crown chakra opened and I entered a euphoric spiritual state. I later came to learn this was a kundalini awakening. I was so expanded I could see auras everywhere. This temporary transcendence revealed a potential I never knew possible. It was after that experience I knew I had to learn this modality, so off I went to Polarity Energy Therapy training.

That was the early ‘80s when terms like Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing, Reiki, etc., didn’t exist. I was thrilled by the impact of my training from four years of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing along with two years of Kabbalistic Healing. I continued studying any and every body/mind modality I could get my hands on. I became a licensed massage therapist so I would have a legal right to touch and incorporate hands-on work with energy healing touch.

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I was still in emotional pain...


After years of professional training, I had a successful energy healing practice. By day, I was a holistic health nut, having a profound impact on my clients. By night, I was stuck in a painful co-dependent emotionally abusive relationship where I was an expert at being a victim, a complainer, and a blamer. Then one night he beat me up. It took me getting beat up to leave that relationship - but I still wasn't done being a victim.

I graduated to a non-abusive, emotionally unavailable, quiet alcoholic.  I just couldn't find that magical partner that I believed was out there who could make me happy.

I believed everyone else was happy. I was great at putting up a front like I had it all together, but inside I was lonely, unhappy, argumentative, emotionally withholding from women and overly giving with men. I was controlling and arrogant and I justified it all with my quick insights.

I exploited my psychic abilities without even consciously knowing it. Truthfully, I was grasping at anything I thought could make me happy.

One day, I went to a workshop where Energy Healing was used to release emotional and psychological blocks. This work opened me up to the core of my issues in a way that years of psychotherapy had never reached.

My understanding of energy healing and its relationship to my beliefs, my childhood traumas and how they were playing out in my adult life finally made sense. I began to heal, transform and grow into the kind of person I knew had been locked away within me. My happiness was no longer dependent on a relationship. This was an unexpected gift and an enormous relief. I was finally free to have mature, adult, interdependent relationshiops.


The emotional processing and transformational work with my clients profoundly deepened. With decades of professional mind/body and energy healing training behind me now, intense and lasting breakthroughs were now a regular occurrence for my clients.

I wanted to better understand how to help my clients integrate the psychological shifts with their physiological changes so I earned a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Diego University of Integrative Studies .

This MFT masters degree in combination with my Masters of Arts Degree in Theatre from the University of Miami, helped me merge the creative and healing arts and provided the foundation for the development of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing in 2002 in Los Angeles. During the next 16 years, till 2018, I trained hundreds of therapists, teachers, and students to become professionally certified in Transpersonal Energy Healing.


After closing Lionheart to move to Austin, Texas, I partnered with Kimberly Ward, a Trauma Therapist, to create a virtual training in Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy ( We train professional therapists, coaches and healers to incorporate TEHTherapy into their professional practice.  

The next enormous challenge...

I went through a life-threatening illness. In 1999, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, no known cause. It certainly was not due to my healthy lifestyle I had diligently maintained for twenty years. I became a grateful heart transplant recipient in 2001. As a result, I have a passion and deep respect for both western and complementary medicine.

I wrote four books about the interconnection of body/mind/energy healing:

  • The Exceptional Actor: The Seven Step System to Charisma, Chemistry, and Magnetism

  • Taming the Restless Mind: The Best Meditation Secret on the Planet

  • An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing for Personal Development and Exceptional Professionalism - an ebook and video course

  • Laura’s New Heart: A Healer’s Spiritual Journey through a Heart Transplant.

My joy is helping clients dive deep into the core of their being where true healing happens.

If this work speaks to you, book your free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation, now.
Please email me: or call me at 858-722-5474 

About The Work


What review courses do you offer?

Rachell Allen offers the most comprehensive and complete review courses for the ff: NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN for USA, Canada, and Australia (NCLEX is also accepted and acknowledged by most hospitals in the Middle East) UK-CBT for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) HAAD-RN, DHA-RN, MOH-RN, Prometric-RN for the Middle East Countries IELTS for USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Why do I need to pass the NCLEX and the UK-CBT now?

A study conducted by NCSBN to over 300,000 NCLEX takers showed that NCLEX passing rate dramatically drops if the gap between the graduation date and the actual NCLEX exam widens. In short, the longer we wait, the more we forget the nursing concepts, the more we miss opportunities to work overseas.

Are there nursing career opportunities in the USA, UK, Canada and the Middle East?

YES! The opportunities for nurses in these countries are endless! The United States alone needs 1.1 Million nurses in 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the United Kingdom, a total of 133,660 vacant posts for nurses and midwives were advertised in 2017 which is expected to increase in the years to come. The Middle East has growing needs for medical personnel with a projected need of almost 22,000 nurses over the next decade. You cannot work as an RN in any of these countries without first passing the NCLEX, UK-CBT or the Middle East RN Licensure Examination.

How can Rachell Allen help me pass my NCLEX, UK-CBT, HAAD-RN, DHA-RN, PROMETRIC-RN?

Most students fail the these exams because of these main reasons: 1. Lack of Core Content Mastery 2. Poor Test-Taking Techniques 3. Lack of Critical Thinking Skills 4. Lack of Focus and Motivation 5. Overwhelmed with Information 6. Lack of Self-Confidence 7. Extreme Test-Anxiety 8. Poor Time Management All Rachell Allen review courses address all of the above issues. In addition, you won’t be overwhelmed and confused with so many books anymore because we have already summarized every drug and every concept that is commonly asked in these foreign licensure exams into 1 single material. YES, you heard it right, you will only need to study one (1) compiled, summarized and easy to follow Rachell Allen materials, explained in a simple, interactive way, in-person by expert Rachell Allen Exam Coaches!

How can I apply for NCLEX, UK-CBT, HAAD, DHA, MOH and IELTS?

The easiest and most simple way to approach NCLEX, UK-CBT, HAAD and IELTS is through ApplyReady Processing Center. Please click this link to start with your application It is the only Processing and Application center that Rachell Allen highly recommends.

How do I register for the Rachell Allen Courses?

For courses in Asia and the Philippines, you may register online, via corporate partners or you may visit one of our regional offices in Manila. You will be receiving an electronic receipt on your email upon successful registration. Simply present your online receipt on the first day of the course along with your valid Photo ID.

What makes the Rachell Allen courses effective?

The Rachell Allen courses are effective because they are comprehensive, complete and updated monthly. That means we provide comprehensive core content, test-taking techniques and practice questions as well.

Do I need to purchase the Rachell Allen materials separately?

Once you are registered for the course, all review materials will be provided for free. Your Pre-Live Course modules will be sent to you prior to attending the course. Post-Live Course modules will be provided to you after attending the course.

I am overwhelmed with a lot of information that I need to study. How can I study everything?

NCLEX, UK-CBT, HAAD etc. will not ask you everything under the sun. Therefore, you do not need to study everything. These exams use Test Plans and the good news is that Rachell Allen strictly follows the specified Test Plans. We only focus on what is important and what is commonly being asked in the actual Exams.

Are Rachell Allen courses only designed for US-educated, Canada-educated and UK-educated nurses?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are carefully designed for all nursing graduates, domestically and internationally.

Are Rachell Allen courses only recommended for first time test-takers?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are designed to meet the specific needs of both first time test-takers and multiple test-takers. We have had students who failed, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x and the most that we have personally worked with was a foreign-educated nurse who failed 20x prior to taking the course. She passed on her 21st attempt!

Are Rachell Allen courses only for newly-graduate nurses?

NO, all Rachell Allen courses are designed for newly-graduate nurses and nurses who have graduated from nursing school several years ago. In fact, we have had students who graduated 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago and based on our record, we have had a student who graduated 36 long years ago and still passed her test after taking the Rachell Allen review course.

Do I need to make a phone call to confirm my registration?

NO, you do not need to make a phone call to confirm your registration. Your online receipt will serve as the Official Confirmation that you have registered for the course.

I live far away from all the available Rachell Allen Courses, can I just purchase the materials?

All Rachell Allen materials are designed to compliment a live interactive approach. Rachell Allen employs "Kinesthetic Learning Technique" wherein all physical and mental senses are used to carry out activities, rather than just mere reading or listening. When all senses are activated, the brain is more stimulated thereby enhancing student's focus and increasing their ability to retain information.

I have been reading a lot of positive reviews about the Rachell Allen courses. Are these real reviews?

YES. Rachell Allen Professionals only publish actual testimonials received from actual students who have actually passed their respective exams using the Rachell Allen method. To interact with real students who have actually experienced the Rachell Allen courses, please join our Official Forum on Facebook: RACHELL ALLEN NCLEX FORUM.

I am overwhelmed and confused with all the NCLEX,CGFNS, UK-CBT and HAAD-RN Application process. How can you help me?

Rachell Allen only recommends ApplyReady NCLEX Processing Center. ApplyReady will take care of your application process from A-Z, hassle-free! To start with your application process, go to

How to know if this is right for you

There is a way out of pain.

There is a way to reclaim your locked-up life force.

There is a way to unwind defenses that keep you “stuck” recycling self-destructive choices.

To heal, grow and change, it’s wise to find someone who will work with you holistically.

This is for you if you...

  • Feel more than ready to release fears and realize your confident, authentic self 

  • You’re tired of cycling through chronic health conditions that have kept you stuck

  • Traditional forms of western and complementary medicine therapies keep missing something you need

  • You have a spiritual nature you want to know how to access