Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy?

Inherent within the human physiology is a self-correcting healing mechanism. Transpersonal Energy Healing is a process that combines body/mind counseling with energy healing to stimulate this self-correcting response and the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What are the benefits of Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy?

There are valuable effects on the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and relational aspects of your being. Here are just a few potential results...

Improvements in Physical Health and Vitality:

  • Stabilize blood pressure, calm the nerves

  • Facilitate better sleep

  • Ease healing of injury and disease, relieve pain

  • Utilize medical hypnosis to prepare for surgery and decrease recovery time after surgery

  • Release traumatic experiences

  • Learn skills and exercises to improve stamina for healthier living

Increased Emotional Ease:

  • Boost contentment and peace

  • Ease stress of emotional transitions and life changes

  • Gain clarity from confusion

  • Release past patterns that limit your potential

  • Grow more grounded and centered

  • Bring about balance and well-being

Heighten Mental Stability:

  • Calm the mind

  • Clarity of decisiveness

  • Recognize and align with the wisdom of your heart

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Increase confidence in your authentic voice

Spiritual Gains:

  • Uplift your connection to your inner wisdom

  • Attune to your deep inner knowing and intuition

  • Develop a relationship with your higher power

  • Expand consciousness, awareness and experience

  • Connect to your humor and joy of being alive

Relational Improvements:

  • Stay heart centered during challenging communications

  • How to implement healthy boundaries

  • Heal past relationships

  • Improve current relationships with family members, partners and loved ones

  • Heal from loss

What can I expect in a typical session of Transpersonal Energy Healing?

Each session is unique. We'll spend time discussing your holistic health goals and what you are looking for next in your life. As we review your goals, I'll track how your energy body is aligned or incongruent with those goals and help you get clear on how to breakthrough any obstacles that may be holding you back. Typically clients feel great relief, clarity and empowered after each session as you become more in touch with the wisdom that lives inside you.

We'll utilize a combination of several processes to get to the root cause of the deeply ingrained patterns that have been holding you back. We do this by accessing the subconscious energy layers of the mind to bring them into conscious awareness.

We will gently invite the energy system into balance and flow for potential new ways of being.

How does this work long distance?

I use several techniques that are highly affective long distance via phone or video conferencing; Subconscious Cellular Healing, The Art of Inquiry, and Attunement.

Once the energy starts to move on the cellular (sub-conscious) level, it facilitates the natural physiological self-correcting healing response where new conscious insights can be realized.

If this kind of healing is so effective, why aren’t more people doing it?

More and more people are participating in complementary healing modalities. Many doctors are beginning to understand the benefit and value of Energy Healing, how and when to prescribe it. There are no guarantees but the positive results have been tremendous. I have worked with patients achieving wonderfully successful results with such symptoms as: cancer or other life-challenging illnesses, history of addiction, sex abuse, difficulty in conceiving a pregnancy, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, emotional trauma, writer's block, and many others.

How many treatments are needed for this to work?

That depends on many factors including how willing you are to become involved in your own healing process. In Transpersonal Energy Healing you are called upon to actively participate through deep self-reflection, perhaps reading and journaling. For serious illness, longtime habits and emotional trauma to be alleviated, you must be ready to make significant life style changes.

What are your fees?

I have several options that will help you find a plan that fits your budget. I am would be happy to discuss possibilities with you at a Free 20-Minute Consultation. During this no-obligation call, you'll have an introductory experience of the process of Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy. We'll confer about your personal goals and obstacles. You'll have an idea of how Transpersonal Energy Healing works for you.

In addition to individual work, I offer small group processes and classes.