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Virtual Reality or VR brings people and objects to life by creating realistic 3D computer-generated simulations. Using cutting edge VR headsets, you’re able to interact with the person or object as if they were standing right there even though you may be on the other side of the world.See how VR transforming The Healthcare Industry See how VR transforming The Healthcare Industry


IoT is a fascinating technology that allows computers, machines and digital devices to share data across a network without any human interaction. IoT devices or sensors can be fitted to almost any device in order to monitor, track and enhance its capability. See how IoT is helping us to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Artificial Intelligence is thrown around a lot but at its core, AI involves computer systems learning information in a similar way that humans do. Through big data, AI is able to learn from experiences and process information in order to perform tasks. Applying AI to Agriculture, see how It’s changing the way we farm.


Augmented Reality enhances the real world by combining layers of digital information to create an interactive experience. Unlike VR which creates a virtual world, AR enhances your existing environment by adding digital info such as images, translations and graphs to your surroundings. Learn more about how AR is changing the future of mining.


RPA is cutting edge technology that allows computer systems to carry out repetitive tasks which are often time-consuming and resource-intensive. Through RPA these tasks can be efficiently carried out with almost zero errors, significantly reducing time and resources spent on mundane tasks. See how RPA is changing the way we operate in Manufacturing.


3D printing uses computer-aided designs to replicate 3-dimensional objects. Printing each object layer by layer, this additive manufacturing method is usually able to produce items at a fraction of the cost. See how Kenya is using 3D printing to fill the gap in PPE.



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