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I want to get pregnant and it's not happening!

Did you know there are pain free and inexpensive options besides in-vitro fertilization for getting pregnant?

Listen to Lisa’s 3-minute story.

When doctors have ruled out physical chemistry and are stymied about how to help you, it’s not unusual to hear them remark, “Nothing can be done.”

What would be more accurate is to say, “I don’t know how to help you.”

Unfortunately, too many doctors are unaware of the scope and effectiveness Energy Healing can provide especially in helping women get pregnant.

As of yet, I am not aware of statistical research studies that back up the success rate of women using Energy Healing to become pregnant. Nonetheless, I have had the practical experience of seeing many women in my own practice and in the professional practice of other Energy Healers, have rapid success becoming pregnant after just a few non-invasive sessions of Energy Healing.

When the chakra energy system is open, getting pregnant is a simple act of nature.

When the energy system is blocked, it can interfere with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Often blocked energy, has several common components:

  • Stagnation of fluids in the physical body

  • Withholding or suppression of emotions, especially, fear, anger or grief

  • Spiritual emptiness (lack of connection to a higher spiritual resource)

  • Limiting psychological beliefs

  • A partner that has a conscious or subconscious resistance to having a child

When one or more of these factors are present, a woman may lack the physical or emotional stamina to conceive.

Moving blocked energy through the chakra energy system can have remarkable results.

Laura Fine offers Transpersonal Energy Healing sessions long distance via Zoom. She a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is author of four books including: The Exceptional Therapist: Transpersonal Energy Healing. She can be reached for a free consultation at: 858-722-5474 or through her website:

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