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Laura’s New Heart:

A Holistic Healer's Spiritual Journey Through A Heart Transplant

eBook & Soft Cover


We live in a culture segregated from death and dying. This separation takes an unfortunate spiritual toll. I wrote this book because I had to. It was an essential part of my recovery from surgery. In it, I have the honor to share with you deep personal fears and how I used my spiritual practice to cope with my very close brush with death. This life-threatening illness opened my world to priceless understandings that I hope will inspire you and provide a bridge to your own understanding of how to turn tragedy into insights and wisdom.


Soft Cover


Taming the Restless Mind:

The Best Kept Meditation Secret on the Planet



Taming the Restless Mind teaches you how to be with and understand the nature of your mind and how it functions. This easy and entertaining read provides a simple and powerful tool that can drown the mind in a profound experience of internal peace.

The Excepional Practitioner
Laura's New Heart
Taming The Restless Mind
The Exceptional Actor

The Exceptional Practitioner: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy



This E Book Course is a cutting edge approach to therapy, coaching and counseling.  You’ll realize new Body/Mind skills you can immediately apply to your practice. By incorporating Energy Healing awareness, you’ll get to the core of clients' issues quickly, learning to observe hidden subconscious information revealed through voice, gesture and the interactive energy between you and your client.


The Exceptional Actor



The Exceptional Actor is an invitation to authentic joy, artistic integrity, and a connection with humanity that audiences and artists alike all crave.

Actors Audition Manual

Actors Audition Manual



The four gems contained here immediately create connection to your auditors and elevate your performance. This 32-page manual contains four invaluable MUST-HAVE’s for every successful audition: A technique to Open the Heart, The Ten Minute Total Warm-up, The Chakra Reference Guide, and the Chakra Audition Cheat Sheet. The Actors Audition Manual is composed of selected excerpts from the book, “The Exceptional Actor.”


Getting Ready for a Good Nights Rest: Balancing the Four Energy Bodies

Audio Recording


If you’re having a tough time shutting off your mind so you can fall asleep, this meditation is the missing link.


Recommended use is just prior to sleep. The focus is a deep release of stress through the subtle nervous system, calming the four energy bodies - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual for balance and harmony.

Good Nights Rest

The Inner Workout: Recharging Your Power Plant: Opening the Chakra Energy System

Audio Recording


Ready to feel open-hearted, receptive and needing to be at the top of your game? This meditation intimately guides you into experiencing the qualities of each of the 7 chakra energy centers in the body, re-balancing and rejuvenating your sense of health and well-being.

The Inner Workout
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